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What: A Play-By-Email (PBEM) Role Playing set in the fantasy world of Greyhawk.
Narrator: Michael
Players: Craig, Dirk, Don, Jeff, Mark, Padraic, Stephen, Toad
Ruleset: Pathfinder RPG

Premise: A campaign that will hopefully take the characters from 1st to 20th level set in the classic World of Greyhawk setting. Specifically it begins at the city of Westkeep which the Kingdom of Keoland (classical medieval kingdom of idealistic crusaders) has been occupying after wresting it from the hands of the Scarlet Brotherhood (a militant racist monastic order). After investigating and dealing with the threats posed by the lost city of Thracia (classic Judge’s Guild adventure modified for this story) the rest of the campaign should be dealing with the larger struggle to free the Hold of the Sea Princes (formerly a kingdom of slavers and pirates) from the Scarlet Brotherhood and other evil forces that have run amuck there and ultimately the downfall of the Scarlet Brotherhood itself in their own homeland.

I envision this campaign as dealing with ancient secrets and the legacy of imperialism and a past-apocalyptic war that annihilated two empires, espionage and global intrigue, revolution, conflict between religious and political factions, racial conflict, (magical) weapons of mass destruction, eugenic experiments, regime change and nation building. Most importantly it will focus on the experiences of well placed, motivated ,and outlandishly skilled individuals as they try to navigate through all the above and effect the outcome in a (hopefully) more positive way.