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ATSS: Book I

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 Against the Scarlet Sign

Book I – Occupied Westkeep


Book 1 Introduction

  1. Fingol Comes Out of the Wilderness - Fingol gets shot at by some lizardfolk and goes to Westkeep.
  2. Gar Becomes the Emissary of the Great Druidess - Gar is given a message of hope to those who will listen and a warning to those who will not.
  3. Aramek Joins the Guard - Aramek is shanghied (“westkeeped”?) into the Guard.
  4. Rain and the [Full Title Classified as Top Secret by the Lion Throne] - The censored story of Rain.
    At last it can be told: Redux: Rain and the Mistress of Spies - How Rain gained a mistress, got house trained, and was sent out into the night to walk the streets.
  5. The Court of Prince Prospero of the House of Ilshar - Fingol and Gar inform the court that the reptilian natives are restless.
  6. Reece’s Journal and the Idol of Death - Aramek discovers that Master Parwyn’s son was a death worshipping bohemian.
  7. The Old Gang - Rain learns of the sad fate of Rinya and puts Dion in charge of the old gang.
  8. The Noble’s Feast - Fingol and Gar hobnob with the elite.
  9. The Commoner’s Feast - Rain and Aramek get some grub with the commoners.
  10. On the Night Watch - Rain and Aramek conspire together.
  11. Gar’s Morning Meditations - Some naval gazing.
  12. Lady Sedara’s Invitation - Sedara catches Fingol alone in the guest room.
  13. The Marinus Brothers in the Marsh - Ragnbjorn leads Indranil and Lorindel Marinus through the marsh and receives a message.
  14. The Heironean Service - Fingol and Gar attend the morning worship service in the chapel of Heironeous.
  15. A Diplomatic Mission - Prince Prospero asks Fingol and Gar to help make a deal with the lizardfolk.
  16. Into Town - Fingol and Gar sport with some street urchins.
  17. Lady Sedara’s Scheme - Sedara plans a robbery.
  18. Some Friendly Competition - Fingol, Gar, Rain, Aramek, and some NPC’s beat the crap out of each other with padded weapons.
  19. A Round of Drinks at the Twilight King - Fingol, Gar, Rain, and Aramek go out drinking.
  20. A Ghoulish Discovery - Ragnbjorn and the Marinus brothers have trouble sleeping.
  21. The Robbery - A daring cat burglar robs Parwyn’s shop.
  22. Sir Godric Introduces Himself - Gar meets the gay cavalier.
  23. The Scene of the Crime - Fingol becomes a detective.
  24. The Olman Refugees - Gar becomes a philanthropist.
  25. The Naga King’s Daughter - Fingol and Gar meet a charming lady.
  26. The Marinus Brothers Arrive - Indranil and Lorindel finally get a massage from the lovely CMTs at the Westkeep Palace Spa.
  27. Rain and the Watch - Rain hangs out with the Guard.
  28. A Theological Interlude - Indranil and Sedara discuss theology.
  29. It’s Murky Archer Time - Lorindel has a pitcher of beer with some shady characters.
  30. Fergus to the Rescue - Rain and Dion get some unasked for assistance.
  31. Fingol and Gar Meet the Marinus Brothers - and hilarity ensues.
  32. Rain Eavesdrops - Sedara gets the drop on Rain and gives her a shocking order.
  33. Vouching for Gar - Ragnbjorn and Jankin speak up for Gar.
  34. The Ghoulish Story Told - The Marinus brothers tell Fingol and Gar about the highlights of their recent trip.
  35. The Shadow Over Westkeep - Prince Prospero, Ragnbjorn, Sedara, and Rain discuss the issues of the day.
  36. The Scarlet Brotherhood Attacks - Indranil finds that relieving himself can sometimes  be a painful experience.
  37. Saving the Prince - Ninjalicious mayhem!
  38. Aftermath - While our heroes walk Aramek home down the dark streets of Westkeep, Gar asks if anyone would like some head.