This is the collection of information pertaining to this Jade Regent game. Here can be found content about Adventures, Events, Dieties and Religions, History, Maps, NPCs and more. Use the list of Categories to the right to search for documents. There is also a search button at the bottom of the page.

House Rules: Various house rules that will be used in this game.

Combat House Rules

Alignment Infraction System

House Rules

Drinking Rules

Adventures: The undertakings of the Player Characters. This is not a detailed telling of the story (find that under Narrative), but more the dry facts and accounting (read: loot). This includes NPC’s encountered, Loot gains and notable Plot points.

Events: Specific events which occur outside of or in between Adventures.

Deities and Religions: Descriptions of the relevent Golarion gods.

Timeline: Back story and history relevent to the story and adventures.

Times and Timeline

Maps: Drawings of often used maps.

NPCs: List and Descriptions of relevant Non Player Characters.

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